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» On his acting career: “The acting lifestyle is a big shock, in a way.”

“All of a sudden I’m hanging out with people I grew up watching on TV, and coming from Cairns it’s nothing like what I was used to.”

“Even going to Bondi with Lincoln Lewis (Brenton’s ‘SLiDE’ co-star) for a milkshake, you get stopped by groups of girls and they all want photos — it’s pretty surreal.”

» On life after university: “I’ve had the best first year out of uni so far.”

“I graduated the day before I auditioned for SLiDE and pretty much the next day I got the gig.”

» On his character Luke Gallagher of ‘SLiDE’: “As the series progresses, I guess Luke feels more comfortable expressing himself.”

“His vulnerability starts to slide out a little bit. I think it’s that thing where you think you know someone but you actually don’t. Originally it was to get Tammy. That’s the whole reason why he was trying to open up. But it’s bulls***. It’s not real. He’s trying to make it real, while protecting himself.”

» On moving back to Sydney after filming of ‘SLiDE’ wrapped up: “Moving back down to Sydney was a bit easier.”

“I had money and time. Everything was a bit chilled out compared to some of my mates, who are still eating two-minute noodles.”

» On landing the role of Stu on ‘Home and Away’: “It was pretty cool actually. Stu’s awesome, he has some fights, he gets the girls, it’s awesome fun.”

» On what he will do after his 5 month run on ‘Home and Away’: “If a gig comes up of course I’ll take that but I’m itching to get overseas and see the world.”